Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Reception Chair

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Have you already started preparing for your wedding reception? Well, in that case, you need to take into account several things such as invitation cards, table linens to the centerpiece flowers, signature cocktails and chair décor as well.

Though, usually, people prefer leaving rented reception chairs exactly as they come, beautifying the bride and groom's seats with different creative ideas, is an ideal way to add some personality to your special occasion.

Chair backs can be as simple or ornate, right from floral arrangements, to quirky design, leafy garlands, whatever suits you. The options truly are limitless.

Few Interesting Chair Decor Ideas

If you like to make it little dramatic or stand out, you may bring in vintage peacock chairs, a couch, or canary yellow seats.

For something more symbolic, you may try weaving an extra-long grapevine wreath through two chairs, turning them into one.

Custom sign enhances the personality to your big day. To avoid a typography idea, you may opt for silhouettes or illustrations hung on frames on the back of the chair.

Adding fragrant florals and plush greenery is another attractive way of dressing up your wedding reception chairs. It can be matched to the wedding bouquet to make it look elegant.

Vintage lace, pretty colored ribbons, and cute embroidery hoops are best for creating an impact and to match up with your theme.

Simple posies tied in a pretty bunch or hung with ribbon or twine in mason jars can create a striking impression, even on a minimal budget.

For a rustic theme, lace and burlap can be used as a beautiful but simple combination to add that little flair to chairs.

Pearls are a great choice for a royal-themed wedding or reception. Stylish reception chairs decorated with pearls are high in demand.


Generally, chairs may not be the most important aspect of any wedding or related functions venue; however, they can make a real difference to the overall look of your grand event.

From lush florals to hand-painted signs, removable decals or mini ombré tassels, chair covers, etc. you can certainly find a way to spruce up your reception chairs according to your style, theme, and budget.

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