Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas on a Budget

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Once the wedding ceremony gets over, the next awaited event in line is the reception. This is the time when the bride and groom can relax and breathe easy. However, planning for a reception can be challenging particularly if there is a budget constraint. But, with the help of economical wedding reception decoration ideas, it can be managed beautifully.

Here mentioned are some of them such as:-

Use Elegant Lights

The right type of lighting can surely transform a space. Single candelabra, glass tea lights can create a magic appeal in any ambiance. The grace of white flowers, white drapes and a shelf backdrop with candles all over is a great décor idea. White Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling, around tables, or in potted plants can also be used as simple decoration for a wedding reception venue.

Seat Covers and Ribbons

To beautify a chair, add panache and spruce things up, you may use designed seat covers available on rent or tie beautiful wide distinct colored ribbons on the chair back. Doing so, would add to the visual appeal of any chair.

Table Linen

Patterned table linen in bold colors is becoming quite common. You may try to find out different colored table cloths available in various shades matching up to the theme of the event.

Go For Feathers

These days, feathers are turning out to be a big trend in wedding reception decor. You may hang large feather wreaths on the walls or add them to centerpieces of flowers for an impressive unique look.

Water Fountain

It adds a refreshing and relaxing feel to the entire venue. You can even go for a small one which can be easily placed on a table. It can be used as a nice addition near the entrance of your reception hall.

Drapes and Flowers

For the stage decoration, multi-colored drapes can be used. There are a vast variety of drapes you can search for. You may also decorate the stage with lots of fresh flowers to make the décor look natural and classy.0

Wedding receptions are usually big events. However, they would not be very expensive with proper planning, utilizing easily available décor items. To rent items such as chair covers and table linen, you may get in touch with renowned online rental sources which can provide you with the preferred options at an affordable rate.

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