Wedding Trends 2019: What is In?

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Weddings are not just ceremonies, but they are an event to create good memories for both - the couple and guests. Thanks to the fresh wedding trends that evolve year after year and make one year’s celebrations entirely different from the ones that come after. From wedding décor, floral ideas to fashion components, wedding trends change constantly. Couples who are tying the knot this year along with wedding planners are excited as 2019 is shaping to be one of the most gala wedding seasons.

Let’s find out which trends are making a comeback or new entry.

Regal effect

It will be interesting to see how the royal wedding or Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will inspire the nuptials of many in the future. Colossal floral installations will be a source of influence as we have not yet get over the dramatic entrance of the royal wedding. Huge floral installations over the door will be a popular trend this year. In addition, Meghan Markle effect would be visible in pageantry fashion, like regal capes, blinged-out dresses, billowy sleeves. Brides would love to get clad in minimalistic dressing along with tiaras.

Statement wedding cakes

The appearance of wedding cakes will evolve to sculptural and statement treats. More couples are trending back towards showcasing one big statement cake that would be the center of attraction for the ceremony. Wedding cakes will go big and bold with bakers ready to experiment with unexpected shapes and varying sized tiers. Many of them will be finished with spectacular designs in rich colors, like warm bronze, soft gray, gold, pale blue.

More focus on rentals

From fine table linens to lounge furniture, there are multiple ways to enhance a wedding venue with rentals. 2019 is all about rent more, and the major focus will be linens and lighting. Be it chair covers, table linens, napkins, or runners, couples will rent everything that they need to be a perfect host. In addition, uplighting will observe an upgrade with more personalized alternatives like basket lanterns, colored taper candles, and neon installations.

Offbeat floral components

2019 wedding season will observe unexpected floral add-ins, like pampas grass and wheat as an alternative to flowers. Grasses will be used to add a chic, unfussy, and multiple layers of depth to the design. They will also be employed to highlight the aisle, create a moody vibe at after party or elevate any element in the wedding ceremony. Besides, florals will be displayed in unique, innovative ways, like from the ceiling, covering archways, as a part of the furniture.

More clarifying dress code

Dress code will be conveyed in simplified terms rather than confusing guests with ‘festive beach casual’ or ‘boho chic.’ It is often very vague in meaning and leaves too much room for interpretation. More couples are opting to keep in simple with popular classic terms, like ‘white tie,’ ‘cocktail dress,’ ‘tuxedo.’ Couples are also sending creative guides, hand-drawn illustrations and color palettes to help guests figure out what to wear.

Trends aside, make choices that reflect your personality and choose what you love so that you can cherish the moments forever.

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